As a photographic artist who prints my own work, it is important to me to regularly investigate fine art papers -- to see and understand how the pigment inks interact with the fibers, the texture, the sheen, and gloss or matte surfaces of each paper. As a way to support my experimentation I've created a weekly print event: the Pick Your Price Print of the Week. If you're interested in getting a new fine art print that may or may not ever be printed again the same way, at whatever price you deem worthy, watch this page closely. On Friday of each week that I'm not traveling I will post a new work here that I've printed in my studio. The work may be one that is available in my print galleries, or it may be a new or unlisted work. I will share some information about the image itself and how I printed it, the type of paper and my general thoughts about how the paper enhances the image, or doesn't enhance it, and other thoughts about the process that may be interesting to consider. And, if you like it, you can buy it for whatever price you choose. 


1. You must enter a price over $30 to get free shipping. If the price you enter is less than that, I will contact you with an additional shipping fee.


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