For Sean

March 13, 2020

Sean and I first started working together in 2016 when we got the crazy idea to take some small light sources out to the middle-of-nowhere-West-Texas at dark and see what we could create together. That resulted in our very first series titled Light Sculptures. Since then we have created six series together, each one challenging our creativity and the way we see and engage the world around us, as well as each other. Over the years we’ve built a trust in each other, and a deep love & respect for who we are as artists and individuals. Most recently when Sean came for a visit and we decided to get together to create a new series, we talked about the things that had been weighing most heavily on our minds, from various world crises to our own personal crises. The day he arrived we both decided to focus on self-empowerment—empowering that person we know ourselves to be at our core and not falling into the shallow roles that others write for us. We focused on our mutual belief that who we are is enough—more than enough—to make a tangible difference in the world. We don’t have to try to be anyone other than who we are. We’ve done some deep series before, but this one is different. No costume. No role. Just Sean. While most of our series prep consists of piles of textiles thrown in the back of my car, with makeup and glitter and light sticks and blankets to warm-up when it’s cold at 2 a.m. in some random outdoor place where we’re shooting, this time it consisted of just Sean, in my studio, with a few textile pieces, not for him to costume himself but for me to use as tools to enhance composition, lighting, texture, etc. This series is about—and for—Sean. My friend, my colleague, my collaborator, my muse. I know who you are. And I love you.

Beneath the fabric draped around you,

the glitter and the glam,

winter winds whip and squall

and tear at your nakedness.

And yet you stand, unflinching,

unclinching your fists and heart,

toward the eyes that dance along your body,

on your perfect liberation.

To see more from the Peacock Series with Performance Artist Sean Kennedy, visit

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