Trail Life

[Poems from the Trail]

September 2, 2017

Long day, uphill travel

heavy boots kicking rocks

Body exhausted, heart open

Skipping rocks across clouds

Impatience runs on four legs

and cares not for reflection

Elk Ridge - high point

Two fat marmots play tag

under a blanket of blue sky

Beautiful day, downhill travel

Boots feeling lighter on soft pine dust 

Stomach growling, dinner near

Down trail, farther down

trees reappear. Cataract Creek flows

and just above, flat ground

Set up camp, eat dinner

Lay in the sun on a blue tarp

watching shadows - mountains walking

Sandstone walls falling dark

Pinks fade into night

Zip the tent closed against the cold

Inside, Mani snores and my air pad shifts

under the weight of my tired body

I write until sleep comes

Next morning, late to rise

Tear down camp in first light

Distant haze from wildfires

Down trail, fifty feet or so

filter water, cold and crisp

Hands numb. Awake. 

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